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Galina Nemtsov Wohl
Certified Wedding Planner

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A personal concierge service is needed for the people that want things done, but don 't have the time to do them. When everybody is trying to fit 36 hours into 24 hour day, that's when people turn to professionals to help them keep organized, run errands, and see to it that business and personal priorities are met.

We get "Your To Do" list done.


Statistically Speaking...

These are just to name a few; there is a wide range of customized services offered. Please take a look at the "Services" page.

Do you feel that TIME gets away from you and you can't get anything done in a day? How would you like to have more time on your hands?  We have the solution for you at Deserve Your Time.

A concierge consultant from Deserve Your Time can solve your problem of not having enough time in a day. Your to-do list will be accomplished by a professional concierge. As a result, you will have more valuable time to spend with your family and friends. Your productivity at work will become better when you don't have to worry about what you need to get done after work or during your lunch break. Your overall health and well being will become better. 

What can a concierge do for you?

To assist our clients in managing time better in their personal and professional lives by accomplishing their to-do list so they can reclaim their time.

Our mission:

Concierge service is not for the rich celebrities anymore. Anyone that needs a helping hand can utilize this affordable service. As mid-level workers get busier at work, they are becoming more comfortable with the concept of passing along their errands to personal concierges. 

How "Deserve Your Time" stands out:

We treat our clients like family. Our service is an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations. Your errands will get done efficiently and respectively. We take pride in our excellent customer service. Deserve Your Time is here to solve your problems by helping you with your to-do list. Let Deserve Your Time step in and do all the work for you!

What we offer:

  • General Errands

  • Personal Shopping

  • Senior Services

  • Household Management

  • Stress-Free Event Planning

Wouldn't it be nice, if TIME grew on trees...